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Herbal supplements and extracts adapted from traditional Persian herbal formulas by Dr. Jafari, a 6th generation Traditional Persian Medicine physician. All herbal supplements and extracts made with organic ingredients free of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or animal products. 

Immuno Plex TM
Our herbal supplements for immunity may assist with conditions such as Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Circulatory and Digestive Disorders, Allergies and assist in supporting the total health of the human body. Read More

Immuno Plex TM
Food supplements assist in strengthening the human immune system, reduce the symptoms of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Rhematoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and more. Read More

Immuno Plex TM
Liquid extracts supporting health in the following bodily systems: digestive, emotional stability, circulatory and cardiovascular, immune, colorectal and endocrine. Read More

Immuno Plex TM
Organic herbal formulas may assist with uplifting the spirits reducing depression, supporting the total health of the body, neurological health, emotional, mental, spiritual and respiratory health. Read More

Immuno Plex TM
This formula may assist in the reduction of body fat and increasing muscle for individuals interested in muscle building, body toning and creating a lean body mass. Read More

Immuno Plex TM
Organic body care formulas promoting hair growth, supporting the exfoliation of the skin and production of collagen and nail health, organic soap, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner. Read More

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Immuno Plex TM

- All formulas are made with organic, wild-crafted, or eco-crafted ingredients.
- All formulas are free of any chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or animal products (completely vegan).
- All Parsi Herbs formulas are tested and manufactured in an FDA approved facility that holds a certificate of GMP under the supervision of experienced staff with over 35 years of manufacturing experience.
- Packaging is chemical free using colors and labels designed to protect the formulas from light and heat.

Please consult your physician or primary care provider before you use any of this information for your personal use. The information has not been approved by the FDA.